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What if a new mother asks you an unbelievable question in the middle of childbirth?!


She was growing and doing a good job, and I wanted to encourage her.

“Keep going! You’re doing great! Push! I can see her hair!”

Suddenly she stopped pushing, took a deep breath and asked me, “Please tell me she doesn’t have red hair?

The father standing next to her, holding her hand and who has supported her incredibly so far, is stunned (he had flaming red hair).

I tried to save the situation. “It’s too late to give it back now. Take a deep breath. Next contraction, push slowly and quietly!”

“Not until you tell me the color of his hair!”

I swear some moms-to-be panic or are in so much pain that they can barely follow your instructions, but this one… unbelievable.

So I lied. “The skull’s all brown, now push so you can see for yourself.”

Luckily, her body took over, and she pushed that ten-pound baby out of her body. Not only was it not a girl (which she obviously wanted), but he was as redheaded as Ed Sheeran.

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