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7 things you must to know about Virtual Autism !

A growing phenomenon due to the increasing number of screens in the home environment :

– Smartphone – Television – Computer- Tablet- Game Console

Child who uses 3d glasses
child and virtual autism

1- Definition

This is an overexposure of children to screens, these children are exposed 4 to 12 hours a day, every day.

2- Consequences

Bad connection in the brain:

These children are in the midst of brain development.

Overexposure causes a bad connection between the neurons in the brain.

Bad connection concerning the social brain part or intense networking occurs. And for this networking to take place, the child has to experience a lot of social interaction.

These young children who spend several hours in front of the screen spend less time on enriching activities that promote the development of social brain functions, which are used to solve interpersonal problems and regulate emotions.

From birth, babies’ brains try to make eye contact with those around them. The neuronal network that prompts them to make eye contact is present, but it needs to be developed and trained through interactions with other people.

It is through eye contact that we process socially relevant sensory information and the internal state of mind of the people we interact with.

Too much time in front of the TV diminishes the opportunities for this eye contact.

Unfortunately 50% of children eat in front of the TV and family meals are an important social activity that must be preserved.

Rather focus on creative games, group physical activities and those involving conversation with the child that will promote better social development of the child and consequently a healthier adult life.

Lack of concentration and attention.

Delayed language and comprehension.

The child is in the bubble, communicates little or not at all depending on the degree of overexposure to the screens. He understands nothing, even simple instructions.

Extreme agitation or conversely very great passivity to the world around him depending on the children this can change (each one is different)

The child who is overexposed to the screen is drugged, once they are deprived of the screen he screams, has seizures.

angry child
child and virtual autism

3- The problem is:

Screens are the only toys a child will ever get tired of.

They’re addictive.

Their deprivation leads to cries, crises :

The parent must have a lot of energy to resist.

4- How can we eradicate virtual autism?

Parents must be made aware of the negative effects of screens on their young children from the very beginning of motherhood.

Virtual autism affects the whole population.

Conduct serious studies on the negative effects of screens on young children.

5- Why is it called “autism”?

We often read comments from people who are unhappy because the word “autism” is used.

The negative effects of screens on babies and young children bring about the same symptoms as autism.

Although each child’s behaviour is unique, the most common symptoms in children are :

– His passivity;

– An absence of response when called by his first name;

– Difficulty making eye contact ;

– A preference for playing alone, withdrawing into his world, an inability to make friends his own age;

– Delayed language development;

– Angry outbursts, aggressive gestures..;

– Etc

We are in cases where the child is born normal and becomes with autistic symptoms due to overexposure of the screens during the child’s brain development.

single child, child and virtual autism, child and smartphone, child and tablet

6- Who’s in charge?


It is the ignorance of parents who know of no negative effects of screens on the brain development of their young children.

These are very often homes where the television is permanently on and where the child and access since his first months to the smartphone or tablet.

There is little stimulation for the child in parent-child interaction, or words are rarely spoken to the child.

7- Healing

Once the damage is done the only way to heal, if it’s not too late…

Total suppression of screens and electronic sounds.

The child’s five senses must be developed.

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