5 subtle and secret signs about a girl you like

1- She slips her hand under my clothes. At that moment, if my hands are not already in her clothes, they do not delay.

2- She sends you words / pictures dared by phone. She trusts you, she wants you.

3- She shares her compulsive purchases. Small pictures like “look at these pretty handcuffs that I just bought, what do you think?” Brighten up a busy day.

4- She undresses in front of me. It’s like a picture but better.

5- She undresses me. There it is, I know she loves to discuss Kant’s critique of pure reason with me.

All the signs that a girl can have (touching her hair, touching you, hugging you, etc …) are contextual to a situation and can not be taken for a generality. Depending on the regions of the world, the signs will be different.

At the last meeting, a quorane took me in his arms. I will be unable to say if she likes me or if she is just very tactile. I will choose moreover the last solution. Still, my last girlfriend took me by hugging me. But the context was very different.

The best “sign” is when she says “I like you / love / like you”. It is not really a sign anymore because it has become explicit. And frankly, it’s the best.

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