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5 steps to brush your teeth

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. For efficient washing, carefully perform all brushing steps. Complete this by cleaning the interstices between the teeth with dental floss. 

Before brushing teeth 

For good dental hygiene, it is advisable to wash your teeth twice a day: 

• Using a toothbrush with soft bristles, which preserves the gums and tooth enamel (to be changed every three months, or as soon as the hair flares); 

• With fluoride toothpaste (to better prevent tooth decay). 

Brush your teeth for two minutes, to clean the teeth and allow it to work. To know if you respect this duration, you can for example bring you a watch. 

The five steps of effective brushing 

Above all, stand in front of a mirror, so you can control your brushing technique. Then, put a little fluoride toothpaste on the top of your toothbrush, without adding water and this for the duration of the brushing. 

To clean all your teeth without forgetting, just brush them in the same order, washing first those up, then those down. You can start for example by the faces of the teeth cheek side, the bottom of the mouth, top left. Then proceed according to the following steps: 

1. Place the brush at the tooth / gum junction, and tilt it to a 45-degree angle with the teeth. 

2. Using a semi-circular movement of the wrist, have the brush roll the gum towards the tooth, and only in this direction, to loosen dental plaque and food debris. Repeat this gesture two or three times per group of two teeth. Clean all the sides of your teeth from the top, cheek side or lips, to the last right molar.

3. Brush in the same manner all tongue-side faces of the upper teeth. 

4. To more easily brush the tongue side of your front teeth (incisors), position the brush vertically. 

5. Finally, brush the top faces of your teeth (chewing faces). For this, do at least ten times per side a movement back and forth, from the back to the front. 

Once your upper teeth have been washed, brush the bottom ones by repeating the same steps. But beware, for the bottom teeth, you have to brush from bottom to top. 

Then brush your tongue (because here too there are microbes) and rinse your mouth thoroughly. 

Finally, put your brush under water before putting it away. Know that your toothbrush is personal. Do not lend it because it promotes the transmission of microbes.

After brushing: finish cleaning teeth 

The toothbrush does not completely reach the interstices between the teeth. This is why it is useful to complete the brushing by cleaning with dental floss, in several steps: 

1. Cut 30 to 40 centimeters of dental floss. Wrap it around your majors (leave between the two fingers a length of thread equivalent to the length of your thumbs put end to end). 

2. Grasp the wire stretched between your thumb and forefinger in each hand. 

3. Slide the wire between two teeth forming a “C” at the base of one of the teeth, then gently lower the wire towards the gum. Pass the wire from the base to the top of the tooth, two or three times in a row. 

4. Be sure to clean both sides of each tooth. Do not forget the back of the last molars. Slide the thread between your fingers when you have cleaned both sides of the teeth. 

In case of wide interdental spaces or gum problems, you can use interdental brushes instead of dental floss: 

1. Take a brush adapted to the size of the interdental space. 

2. Introduce it perpendicularly into the interdental space after moistening. 

3. Rinse it after each pass. 

4. Change the brush when it is damaged and at least every 15 days.

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